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Compatible One Size Filter R-PUR Nano One / Light

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Filter NANO - $37.50


Full filtration

Our patented technology is the first filter nanoparticles called Very Fine Particles PM 0.05

Discover our patented filtration

Interchangeable filter

Track the wear of your filter with the R-PUR mobile app. The filter needs to be replaced after 5 to 15 weeks of daily use

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One size fits all

In average, 99.98% of the air will be filtered thanks to the technical memory-foam face seal on our filters.

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Optimal comfort

The anti-perspirant Thermo-Control® technology keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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Shape memory foam

Enjoy comfort thanks to our shape memory technology

Interchangeable filter

Change your filter according to your type of use and usage: between 1 and 3 months

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are anti-pollution masks effective?

In July 2018, the ANSES wrote a negative report on the effectiveness of anti-pollution masks.
This report was based on mask tests carried out in previous years, which is the reason why we created our mask at the time: no anti-pollution mask was effective.

We hope that our mask can be included in the next ANSES report with the associated tests.

How long does a filter last?

Our algorithm Zephyr aggregates the average number of kilometers travelled with air pollution data. It calculates a precise date (the time)  when your filter will need to be replaced in order to guarantee optimal protection.

On average, the filter is replaced after 5 to 15 weeks of daily use, depending on your personal use and the level of exposure to air pollution.

What is the difference between the Nano One and the Nano Light model?

The Nano Light® mask has the same filtrating technology as the Nano One®.

We’ve adapted the outside part of the Light model because we’ve taken into account the restraints of cyclists. This is why we made it reflective, to be more visible on the road.

It is also more breathable when cycling or running.

The R-PUR Nano One® mask, is much more resistant to cold temperatures : this is a specific constraint for motorcyclists when they ride at high speeds in the winter.

In the end, the two models are the same in terms of technology and filtration.

Is our mask efficient against the virus?

We filter particles up to 20 nanometers in size, so we will filter out most existing viruses.

In the current case of Covid-19, the R-PUR mask will be able to protect you effectively but also to protect your close ones, thanks to our stop-valve system.

In addition to the protection capacity, we must also take into account the hermeticity component.

Indeed, according to the different face morphologies, your mask will be able to filter out 99.98% of the ambient air, which will make it your most effective ally against the spread.

You can learn more on our page Our Technologies

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